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Performance Development Group (PDG) is founded on the principle that training “should bring about the desired change in behaviour” to drive tangible business results. We work with our clients to get the most out of their human capital development. Every training solution we provide increases productivity, revenue and cut costs

We work with our clients to develop and execute solutions to help build capacity, create customer value and develop a culture that is customer focused and innovative. We enable our clients to adapt and gain a competitive edge to meet the challenges of the global marketplace. Our goal is to support organisations to build the right capacity for work performance, develop and implement strategies, measure and improve performance.

  • Professional Qualifications

  • Training Courses

  • On-site training solutions

we can work with you to...

  • Assess your business needs and challenges

  • Enhance your strategy formulation and deployment process

  • Equip your workforce with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes of excellence

  • Establish a customer-focused culture in the workplace

  • Equip employees with the skills, techniques and tools that fosters creativity and innovation

What we do

At Performance Development Group (PDG) We get measurable results – We offer a wide range of short courses, from creating a high performance culture, to leadership and management development, to designing and delivering targeted learning solutions.

Today, when nearly all industries are undergoing massive change, every organisation is facing tough learning challenges responding to the dynamics. These developments foster increasing need for tailored intelligent solutions. We work to fully understand businesses, strategies, goals and their operating style process. We analyse the organisational and human resource dimensions of business problems and provide pragmatic, enterprise solutions.

We apply the latest methods to source, collect, interpret and disseminate information. We maintain an extensive database of competency models for key roles in high-performing organisations and our solutions are at the cutting edge of innovation and effectiveness.

Our process seamlessly integrates best-in-class technology, consulting and human resource practices to deliver innovative and comprehensive business solutions. We provide advice and consulting services at strategic, execution and operational levels, concentrating on three key areas:

  • Improving business performance
  • Making development and performance more sustainable
  • Assessing market potential and key trends











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  • Poultry Production NQF3

  • Animal Production NQF 5

The Difference: What sets Performance Development Group apart

Performance Development Group (PDG) has developed an enviable standing for assisting businesses to grow and transform their organisational capabilities. Our unique approach lies in working in partnership with our clients, understanding their needs by asking the right questions and together designing the right solutions − interventions which draw out the best in their human capital and translate into measurable benefits for their organisation. Our clients use our tailored short courses as a path to achieving various goals such as:

  • Skills audit
  • Learning and development
  • Competency profiling
  • Developing leadership across the organisation
  • Accelerating and facilitating organisational change
  • Improving management capabilities 

In all our organisational interventions we “diagnose first, and then develop”. We understand that the quality of a short course depends on successful collaboration between Performance Development Group (PDG) and your organisation before, during, and after delivery.


Why work with us?

  • Our course leaders are qualified, experienced, and industry experts

  • We use instructional materials, case studies and activities related to your organisation and industry

  • We enable our clients to assess whether the current learning and development needs address performance gaps

  • We add value to our services by providing post course services to maximise the transfer and application of new learning

  • Let us be your learning and development partner. You can be rest assured you will be getting the most from your training and development investment.

Measuring Training ROI

In today’s competitive environment, there’s no question that we need to evaluate and prove the value of our learning and development initiatives.

While it is ordinary for organisations to invest in learning and developing short courses, it is far less likely for organisations to have meaningful insights into how they can measure the effectiveness and value of these courses in areas such as increased employee performance, customer satisfaction, product quality, corporate profitability, or various indicators of mission success.

Organisations of all types value their investments. What’s new is the method that organisations can use to get there. Although showing the ROI may be the ultimate report of value, organisation leaders recognise that value lies in the eye of the beholder; therefore, the method used to show value must also show ROI as perceived by all stakeholders. Just as important, organisations need a methodology that provides data to help improve investment decisions.

At Performance Development Group (PDG), we use a holistic approach that does both; We design critical learning training courses that are aligned to strategic business goals, evaluate the value that the organisations get from investing in learning and development courses, and develop data to improve those courses

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